I title this “selfie with an iPad”

I title this “selfie with an iPad”

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Literally every episode of My Cat from Hell


Can we talk about My Cat From Hell for a moment?

My ex and I used to watch this show religiously and always questioned who Jackson Galaxy was and why he had a guitar case full of cat garbage and who’s idea it was to give him his own show and why I couldn’t stop watching it.

And what a random thing that is that Jackson Galaxy reminds me of my ex. God damn life is so weird sometimes

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I bought myself an iPod and I feel like a grandmother.

I have no idea what I’m doing. What is this thug? Someone help me

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In the past year or so I have gotten stopped on the street at least once a week in Brooklyn with the question of, “Are you the singer of Perfect Pussy?” or “Has any one ever told you that you look like the singer of Perfect Pussy?

It bothered me for a while… I guess because I’m older and also from Syracuse and jealousy sinks in that there is a cooler version of myself walking among the streets. But after watching this video of Meredeth Graves talking about expectations, being a woman and feminism…. I’m totally ok with the mix up.

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Just so everyone knows, I still exist, I still live alone with a cat, I still like whiskey and my eyebrows. I still have tattoos. My cat still hates me.

Just so everyone knows, I still exist, I still live alone with a cat, I still like whiskey and my eyebrows. I still have tattoos. My cat still hates me.

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Anonymous asked:
do you miss vyou?

I haven’t thought about vyou until just now when you mentioned it and maybe yea but not really. Does anyone miss vyou?

Have you ever been on a magical trip with someone you didn’t love?

I’m convinced that timehop app is the worst thing that has ever enchanted my phone. Its a little whisper, a little hint and silent secret every morning that is just a reminder

"psst, two years ago last year you were in love in Montana"

"Last year you were heart broken and alone. It was over"

"Tomorrow it will be the same reminder. Have a great day! Here is some random fact of something that happened in the 90s on this day, hey I’m a cartoon and life is meaningless"

I recently went on an amazing trip to beyond anything I have ever dreamed I would witness. I touched tree frogs and swam in rivers of the amazon and hiked up mountains and bathed in hot baths on an active volcano. All in a week. I saw some of the most beautiful sights that I was left speechless and insecure. I looked around me and saw so much light that I was falling in love with the it all around me. I saw it all with someone who I didn’t love and who doesn’t love me, and that’s totally ok. I’m fine with that. But it was hard and I wasn’t used to it. I didn’t know how to react; where does one put all this over flowing love? Where does it all go? Just up in the atmosphere? Bouncing back into the heat of a volcano? Into sleeping adorable stray dogs? Where does it all go?

Then I wake up and this stupid fucking asshole app just reminds me of how it was, how it could be and how it may not be. This stupid fucking app.

People say, “delete the app. Its not doing you any good. Just get rid of it”

But then how would I remember the good times? How could I forget if I wasn’t constantly reminded? How can you still miss something unless it leaves your mind?